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As a Contrarian Strategist, I assist individuals who are ready to change their lives by investing in real estate. I help transform the lives of many different individuals ranging from having zero experience in real estate to real estate tycoons who want to scale their portfolio to the next level, and am truly honored to be a part of Manny Khoshbin’s mission to help 10,000 people build their own profitable real estate portfolio.

Justin Inthapaseuth | Contrarian Strategist

After years of investing in my own knowledge through reading books, listening to podcasts, and most importantly- mentorships, I started my own residential redevelopment company. Within the first year of my company, I flipped multiple homes and completed many different real estate transactions. I have also amassed over 100,000 followers on social media documenting my life's happenings.


As a child, I grew up in section 8 housing and was raised by a single mother. Having gone through great adversity in my early childhood years, I learned the importance of resilience and grit, both of which have helped me become the entrepreneur I am today. Because of my destitute past, I naturally acquired a hyper-focused mentality on winning and the need to continuously improve my life standard. 


Born and raised in Sacramento, California I now reside in Irvine, California along with my fiancée Megan. In our spare time, we love to travel the world. Some of our favorite destinations so far are France, Maldives, and the Bahamas!

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