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As a senior contrarian coordinator with Manny Khoshbin, I have the privilege of being the first voice people hear when jumping into the journey of coaching with Manny. I help people hone in their focus on their short and long-term goals and determine the best next steps in their journey.

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Each individual comes with their own unique set of challenges, and I combine the knowledge Manny has provided, along with my experience in real estate sales, to identify the biggest obstacles people need to overcome to take the plunge into real estate investing or to continue to the next step of their investing journey.

I’ve been blessed to help small business owners, founders of corporations, mothers, students, large-scale investors with over 1500 units, and even those who have no idea where to start have their breakthroughs and start changing their lives. I love hearing the excitement Manny's Programs bring and the lives that are changed daily by his information.


Born and raised West of Nashville Tennessee, I still call this town home with my husband Josh and three children Jax, Aemelia, and Genevieve. When I am not focused on self-growth and helping people realize their dreams, I love talking about Mortal Kombat and Dragon Ball Z and riding unicycles with my mom.

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