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Born and raised in Orange County, California, I have always had a people first oriented personality focused on providing exceptional service without compromise.  While serving in the US Navy, I was honored and privileged to work with some of the most selfless individuals in the country.

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The experiences I was fortunate enough to take part in led me down the path to finding my greatest passion, helping others and providing meaningful impact through the form of service, strategy, integrity, mentorship, and kindness.  My number one priority in life is to create a positive and lasting impact on all those whom I come into contact with, providing a more positive outlook on life itself and to help others develop a relentless mental state to think much bigger and chase after goals that may seem unreasonable to those with limiting beliefs.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to be an integral part of Manny Khoshbin’s team primarily focused on helping those who seek to get to the next level of their real estate investing career.  Whether that be someone with 35 years of experience in the commercial space, or an 18-year-old who is just getting started on their journey of investing, I have assisted numerous individuals of all experience levels to take their investing career to new heights through coaching and mentorship.  I take great pride in being a part of a team that is bigger than myself and love every aspect regarding our real estate investor communities and programs, and more importantly, the impact we have made thus far and continue to make in numerous individuals' lives.

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